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About The Owners

The life of Robert and Blanche Rankin, they both were born and raised in the Homewood-

Brushton area of Pittsburgh PA. Robert is the seventh of nine children; while Blanche is the

third of four children. Although the pair lived in the same area of Pittsburgh, their early

childhood lives took them in different directions for a short time. Robert graduated from

George Westinghouse High School while Blanche graduated from Peabody High School.

It wasn’t until 1979 that their paths would cross. After a long courtship they were united in

marriage in 1986. This union brought them two sons Robert, Jr and Jamell.

Shortly after high school Robert’s interest led him to pursue a career in the Steel industry; he

was employed with Shenango Steel Mill as an iron worker for several years. To further his

education in the oil and gas industry, Robert attended Forbes Road Career & Technology Center

where he graduated as an Energy Specialist and become a rail yard manager with Bulkmatic

Corporation. He later gained employment working as an equipment technician for Medcare

Medical Supply Company.

After high school, Blanche had an interest in the legal field which led her to gain employment

with Allegheny County Court Systems as a clerk. She also attended Western School of Business

and Health, where she graduated as a Paralegal Specialist. Blanche later worked as a District

Justice Office manager for several years before she decided on a career change. Moving on to

Port Authority of Allegheny County, Blanche was employed as a bus operator then later

promoted to the position of Road Operations Supervisor.

While pursuing their individual careers Robert and Blanche have a common interest in

contributing to the community. As African American business owners Robert and Blanche

Rankin have struggled to overcome hurtles associated with achieving their goals to become

business owners. They are committed to serving the community as often as possible. Since

approximately 50% of African American business doesn’t make it to the 5 th year mark, they are

determined to be a continuous staple in their community. During Roberts busy schedule he

finds time to serve as an elected official for the committee of Allegheny County for the

Democratic Party 7 th district. They also provide low-income housing for individuals in the

community. Their current venture to further provide for the community, the couple dove into

the childcare industry becoming owners of a childcare facility providing childcare service for

low-income families. The couple are not just owners of the facility, they are qualified and

licensed to provide and oversee the daily operation of caring for children. Their mission is to

provide a quality, educational and safe environment to all children they encounter. They both

enjoy the daily interaction with the children. Their hobbies include spending time with their

grandchildren, watching funny TV shows and traveling.

1st Years Daycare Center LLC affords equal opportunity to all students and prospective students without regard to race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, disability, or national origin or other criteria protected by law.

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